Homeware Shopping Spree!

This week it’s payday (whoop!) and as some of you know we’re trying to do the house up in between everyday stuff we’ve got going on. The house is in desperate need of a personality injection so over the past couple of weeks I’ve been keeping my eye out for some much needed items for the walls. We’ve just finished decorating the hallway, stairs and landing so I’m mainly concentrating on these areas this week.

If you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen a wall clock I love. It’s from The White Lighthouse for a great price of just £20. Can’t wait to see it up on the wall!clockAnother item we’ve all missed is a mirror in the hallway, even the boys have missed checking themselves out in a morning! I’ve been looking for a large round mirror with a thin silver rim around, a bit like this…large-round-mirror…but I can’t find anything like it within budget at the moment. Sooo I’ve spotted a frameless round mirror from Argos with a dainty scalloped edge which looks rather pretty instead and it’s at a price that isn’t too over the top at £34.99.

We’re changing the light fittings, and found these beauties from Pooky Lights pooky-lightsLast but not least we’re wanting some sort of furniture in the hallway as it’s quite a big space. I think we’ve settled on the Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet seeing as my Nan compared the porch to a Knock-In shop with all the shoes on show… Bare in mind – we were having a party at the time! 😀hemnes-shoe-cabinetI’ll probably dress this with a few pretty accessories which I’ll keep an eye out for over the coming weeks. I’ll also be looking for pieces of artwork to hang on the staircase, possibly a lamp and small chair to add to the hallway.

I can’t wait to show you, but first I must clean the carpet.

Love & hugs



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