An Introduction

My Random Ramblings – I do that a lot!


I’m a Mum of 2 very active boys (as boys usually are) Spencer has just turned 8 and Charlie turned 3 in June.

I’m married to a fantastic handsome man who puts up with everything from my next big idea to me balling on his shoulder.

My mind is mostly a mess – I call it creative. I love crafty projects, home interiors, travel (when we can afford it), fast cars and cake. I’m trying to get into photography but keep forgetting to take the good camera out so you’ll mostly get the Samsung S5 photos to nosey at. I’m addicted to Rightmove and to finding what the heck it is I should do with my life. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Hopefully you’ll like the blog Our Beautiful Life. A beautiful life is what we’re aiming for, I just hope we’re given the time to enjoy it.
Anyway must dash it’s 9pm, the boys are in bed and I’m burning tea!!

Love & hugs

Nikki xx



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