School Dress Up – Palaeontologist Outfit

Phew!.. It’s been a busy week this week! You know those weeks when you have to do lists as long as your arm. To be fair every week is a bit like that in our house, this week that to do list has been as tall as me and I’m 5ft 7! We’ve had school projects to complete, a dress up outfit to sort, the usual pack ups and school work, 10 tons of washing… I’m not sure where it’s all come from?!

Anyhoo Spence has completed his ‘family’ science project and taken it in today dressed as a palaeontologist (or as near as). It’s a good job Mike knows a thing or two about metal otherwise I’d be lost to what we could have done for it. The theme for the project was ‘changes’ so we made a furnace with some steel rods inside and spoken about what changes occur when steel is heated and why. I think he deserves a pat on the back at the very least for his effort! The wine got me though frantically finishing it last night via delegating to Spence.

Don’t you just love homework! 20160929_103210.jpg

I’m also annoyed with these dress up days at the minute, he’s only been back at school a few weeks and already had to dress up twice, once for Roald Dahl Day and now Science Day. I do think it’s good though, the children love it and I love to see what everyone has dressed up as but it costs a fortune if you haven’t got anything already. We were looking for outfits online and they’re all around £15/£20 for something he wouldn’t really wear again. I always try and go down the handmade route if I can, I’m usually able to find things in my mountain of craft supplies I can do something with but I’m very last minute with things so haven’t always got the time. For science day today I went and bought a pair of sand coloured trousers a pack of short sleeved white shirts and a straw hat from Asda. I thought he’ll get some wear out of all of these so didn’t mind paying out for them this time, the shirts he can wear for school and the hat he’ll probably wear next summer, the trousers he was desperate for anyway. The hat was reduced to £2 in the sale so got a bit of a bargain, the trousers were £10 but are lined so ideal for the cooler months and the shirts were £4. Mike printed a map and made it look old with the usual teabag and burnt edges. You could use a paintbrush or big blusher brush to complete the look of a palaeontologist but we totally forgot to give him one this morning – oops! He wore his body-warmer over the top of his shirt, a cargo type one would have looked better I suppose but wasn’t spending out on something he wouldn’t wear again.Spence.jpg

We have another project to hand in in a couple of weeks but might have a bit of a breather before we start on that one!

I have a few projects of my own I’ve been getting on with for the house, I’m really enjoying it! I’ll write another post to show you what I’ve been up to next.

Keep smiling, it’s nearly the weekend! (Although I’m working then… doh!)

Love & hugs

Nikki xx


2 thoughts on “School Dress Up – Palaeontologist Outfit

  1. I’m not looking forward to the homework projects in our future… they were bad enough as a child!

    He looks so happy though, you did really well with the project and the outfit! It is a bit annoying to have already had two dressing up days, extra stress on parents.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ellen! I know I thought my homework days were over!
      He was very happy I think it was wearing the hat that did it haha!
      I know they’re throwing us in the deep end, setting us projects while we’re still getting in the swing of things after the long break.
      I think they like to keep us all on our toes! xx

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