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Nut Allergy Travellers

1935307_1183242895038309_6346244798630892093_nI’m so sorry for not keeping in touch with you so often, life is going in all sorts of directions and I’m not quite sure which way to turn. The day job is going so well, I need to clone myself to keep up! This is great as obviously it earns me a few pennies to put towards the bills and feed the kids etc. I’m not sure if I mentioned before but I’m a Children’s Hairdresser, I think it’s a tricky job to master personally so there’s not a lot of us out there especially who are mobile like myself. I get emails from all over asking for help but unfortunately have to stay within my local area. I’m hoping one day I can have a team of stylists in each city – a girl can dream right?!


boysThe boys have gone back to school and nursery after having a two-week Easter break. They’ve settled back in really well but not sure I have yet! I HATE the school run, especially when it’s so cold and wet outside. We have Charlie’s offer for his school place in September – he got into Spencer’s school – YAY! I had visions we’d have to be in two places at once! This is great news but as all you allergy parents know it’s a worrying time for us. Going through the process of making sure everybody knows not to give Charlie peanuts (or any type of nut as we’ve been advised) is a task in itself. We’re currently back at the hospital for tests, checking the severity of his allergy. As he’s nearing school age they’d like him to have an Epi-Pen and to be honest we’d feel a lot calmer about the situation if he did have one. He had a skin prick test which in our opinion resulted in an increased reaction to last time he had it done. We still need to hear back from the consultant but I have a feeling they’ll prescribe us the Epi-Pen he needs.

SeetheworldwiththekidsLOGOThis brings me on to our new website, I’ve been thinking for a while I’d like to set something up. With Charlie’s allergy we’ve been put off travelling anywhere further than the UK for our holidays. We’ve always been worried about finding ‘safe’ food for him especially when we don’t speak the lingo. Now we’ve had a couple of years getting used to his diet, what he can and can’t have, we feel travelling the world isn’t such a daunting thought. I know they’ll be a lot of parents out there who would be feeling exactly the same as us, feeling trapped to holidaying in their own country as beautiful as it is. I’m putting together a website, I’m hoping it to be a helpful resource to all of you with serious allergies and to those of you who are into travel and like to read recommendations about resorts and restaurants. We also have social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date with our posts there.

I hope you feel you’d like to follow our journey,

“Charlie has his passport at the ready!”

Follow our new website at “See The World With The Kids”


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