Well Hello!

Let me tell you a little bit about us… We are a busy family of 4 much like any other family. There’s Mike the Dad, Spencer the laid back eldest son, Charlie ‘whirlwind’ the youngest son and then there’s me – Nikki the Mum!

I will be on a mission to try and update this with a picture of all four of us together, usually an unsuccessful task in our house! In the meantime I’ll pop a few others of us instead…

I run my own business, and try my best at having an organised family life. Some weeks are busier than others at work which means organisation usually flies out the window! We manage to keep the boys fed, watered and happy so we don’t stress too much over whether we ironed the bedding or not. (Much to my Nan’s dismay!)

Mike works full time and the boys go to a local school and part time nursery. A beautiful life is what we’re trying to make it, like everyone, not everyday is beautiful. We have ups and downs but we muddle through what life has to throw at us and always try to make the best of a bad situation.

I myself lost my Mum at 15 which was very tough to say the least, I’ll admit it was pretty much impossible to stay happy in the months that followed. I felt as if I’d lost her at the most crucial time. I went off the rails slightly, I wasn’t kind to my Dad which I feel awful about – he must have been going through hell and I just kept making it 10 times worse. Four months later, after the strangest way to meet, Mike came into my life. He managed to settle me down and I started to be my happy self again. Even now I struggle with my emotions but he’s always there to listen (or just cry on!)

We moved in together, got a cat from the rescue centre, moved house, got flooded in the 2007 floods, spent a small big! fortune repairing the entire ground floor, had a baby, got married, had another baby and finally moved house into one which needed a lot of renovation work, we’re still working on it.

That’s pretty much where we’re at, apart from pictures on our phone’s and personal Facebook pages we have no organised way of documenting all we’ve done in the past. This website is if you like a diary of sorts, like the ones we had when we were kids. We have a lot of family in different places so it’ll be a nice way for them to see what’s going off. Soooo… I’ll be posting all the exciting things we’ve been up to, house projects and tales all about our travels. (Be Warned! – We have a huge bucket list of places to visit!) I’ll also be posting lots of gorgeous items I’ve found for the house, for myself and for the family.

I’m also kinda crafty so look out for posts about handmade projects! I’d love for you to follow along if you’re into similar things, and if anyone has any good cake recipes please send them my way! (Cake’s my fave!)

Come and say “Hi!” over on Twitter if you like, I’d love to make a few besties!! 🙂

Love & hugs
Nikki xx





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